January 20, 2022
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walking watervideo
In this science project we are showing the science experiment for kids.
With the help of this science experiments students and learn how to generate electricity from Piezo buzzer Checkout this Link: http://www.psfk.com/2014/06/diy-electricity-generating-sneakers.html
In this science fair project you can generate electricity with the use of salt water. Salt water is good conducter of electricity.
Generator from motor, Electricityvideo
In this science experiment we will show you the whole process of creating a generater though which you can produce electricity. It is very easy and fun process
DC motor, Electric Motorvideo
In this science fair project we will tell you the process of make a simple motor by connecting a coil of wire to a battery. In this project you can create a electromagnet motor that revolves due to attracting and repelling functions or properties of magnets. After make this project you will know the concept behind how a electric...
Robotic_Hand, Physics Projectvideo
With this science experiment you can make your own Grasping hand. In this  steps by steps introduction video you can make cardboard robotic arm at your home or at school. This project shows how to create fingers  in robotic arm. You can change color and pattern of robotic arm as per your choice.

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