January 20, 2022

Science Fair Projects

Generate electricity from potatoesvideo
In this science fair project, we will show you the right process of how to generate electricity from potatoes. In today world we are always  search an alternate source of electricity. So we can use this science experiment in school labs or at home.
Water bottle rocket launcher
Once First video is complete then please also check 2nd part of video for better understanding of how to make bottle rocket launcher. In this science fair project we will show you the process that how to make a water bottle rocket launcher at home.  Easy to use, easy to build science experiment.
Bristlebot basic lectronics science fair projectsvideo
BrushBots is a electronic model for kids. It like a robot design.  It is very useful for teaching aids about how to make a basic electronic models with minimal effort. In BrushBot science fair project , head of a toothbrush uses as its body and bristles of brush as its legs. We have put motor  on brush head with...

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