Working model of Hydro Power Electric Station For Class 10 and 9


Simple Project on Hydro Electric Power Station with Turbine. (Modal)
Spoon 12 number
A toy car tire large size
A toy car or tape recorder motor (as a generator)
Wood with stand
Metal strip
AVO meter
Note: you can make a water tank or flow of water system to rotate the turbine from bottles.( we will upload Videos both of with bottle and simple system)


Fit the entire spoon in the tire by glue as shown in figure, this is the turbine.
Tight the Generator by metallic strip on wood stand.
Now fit the turbine in the Generator shaft which is fixed in the wood stand.
Connect the Volt meter to generator out put terminal wires.
Now rotate the turbine by hand or fall water by water falling system on the turbine, and see volt meter, it will show some reading. This is the produced electricity. This is hydro power plant system.

Checkout the video for final project:


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